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The Acorn Crescent range of stuffed toy animal kits have been designed by Alison Capeling and are made in Cornwall by Clara (click here for more information). These bright and cheerful sewing projects are suitable for ages 8+ and are a great adult-and-child creative pastime.

Each kit contains everything you need to sew-your-own felt animal with high quality, child-safe contents, including: ready cut wool mix felt, funky buttons, bright ribbon, matching thread and toy stuffing. We are currently stocking 6 of the range and will add more if these prove popular. Images of these products are courtesy of the manufacturer and are used with permission. Kits are individually priced.

To order, type the quantity you would like into the box below your selected kit and then click "Buy".

Code: ANIMAL01

Design name: Coco Dax

Finished size: 34cm x 18cm (approx)

Kit price: £14.99

A young female dachshund, Coco lives in the grand town house at the far end of Acorn Crescent. Though thought of as snooty, Coco is very loyal and has a caring side.
Coco can be seen walking her well-to-do owner in the park opposite the Crescent every morning, and is often found sitting at the open window on the ground floor, from where she passes comment on all who go by.

Her young admirer, Beau Barker the Scottie dog, frequently brings Coco a bone, by which she usually seems loftily unimpressed, but which she secretly loves!



Code: ANIMAL02

Design name: Max Ecklefeckin the Cat

Finished size: 27cm x 19cm (approx)

Kit price: £14.99

An eccentric cat, Max lives at number 8 Acorn Crescent and number 11 and number 15! He is therefore well loved and extremely well fed.

Max Ecklefeckin is a collector of many things. He enjoys rummaging through sheds and dustbins but his favourite rummaging place is a skip - he could tell you a tale of what people throw in a skip!



Code: ANIMAL03

Design name: Beau Barker

Finished size: 27cm x 21cm (approx)

Kit price: £14.99

A young male Scottie, Beau Barker is rarely seen without a bone, and is partial to gifting them to his friend Coco the Dachshund. Friendly and approachable, everyone on Acorn Crescent likes Beau.

From his position on a crate at the back of the milk float, Beau oversees the morning delivery as it works its way around the Crescent, greeting the residents as they go about their morning rituals.



Code: ANIMAL04

Design name: Barnaby Toots

Finished size: 17cm x 19cm (approx)

Kit price: £14.99

Barnaby Toots lives with his wife Tilly and their daughter Bee-Boo in the grand oak tree on Acorn Crescent.

He can often be seen chatting with Mr Poop the Pigeon; they discuss the weather reports which Mr Poop gets from the newspapers in the Acorn Crescent newsagent.

Barnaby is a bit of a softie who loves his wife very much, and on Sundays he treats Tilly to extra feathers for their bed.



Code: ANIMAL05

Design name: Tilly Toots

Finished size: 19cm x 17cm (approx)

Kit price: £14.99

Tilly Toots lives in the oak tree on Acorn Crescent, with her husband Barnaby Toots and daughter Bee-Boo.

Everyone on the Crescent is fond of Tilly; she always has time for a friendly chat and giggle. Tilly loves her family and her cosy home, and always welcomes her friends on Acorn Crescent to partake in a little refreshment with her.

She likes to organise surprise parties on the Crescent. I bet she is planning one right now!
Tilly often flies off to visit her friend in a nearby village and comes back full of new craft ideas.



Code: ANIMAL06

Design name: Bee-Boo Toots

Finished size: 16cm x 16cm (approx)

Kit price: £9.99

Bee-Boo lives with her parents Tilly and Barnaby Toots in the cosy owl’s nest in the heart of Acorn Crescent’s old oak tree. Her passions are the colour pink, and singing. She takes coaching lessons from her mum Tilly who is a retired opera singer. After each lesson, Bee-Boo loves for Tilly to read her the poem about the Owl and the Pussycat.

The same ages as Acorn Crescent pond’s resident duckling, Lucie Lou, Bee-Boo has taught her friend not to be afraid of the dark.



Code: ANIMAL07

Design name: Mr Poop the Pigeon

Finished size: 21cm x 18cm (approx)

Kit price: £14.99

Mr Poop the pigeon knows everyone and everything that goes on in Acorn Crescent and the surrounding streets. He is extremely partial to crisps and loves gate-crashing the local pigeon races.

He lives over the newsagents where he picks up lots of local gossip which he likes to share with his friends.




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