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Ann Mayner

Ann started sewing at the age of four and has never really stopped! Past interests include dressmaking, tailoring and soft furnishings but, in recent years, patchwork has become an all-consuming passion. Ann has expertise in many patchwork techniques and teaches some of the classes and workshops in the shop.

Ann has exhibited quilts in major shows and particularly enjoys creating wall hangings and handbags.

Ann has represented The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles as Regional Coordinator and National Exhibitions Officer and supports the Guild's activities as much as possible.

Darren Mayner

Darren, Ann's husband and part time assistant in the shop, is a practising architect. Like most quilter's partners he has travelled far and wide visiting quilt shows with Ann.

Darren appreciates the time, skill and artistry that goes into creating a quilt and believes it is an under-valued art form.

Darren combines his architectural skills with a rudimentary knowledge of patchwork techniques to design quilt patterns to show off the fabrics in the shop. The patterns are always well illustrated with clearly written instructions.

When assisting in the shop he especially enjoys helping customers choose fabric.

For many years photography has been Darren's hobby. Not only is he now putting these skills to good use on this and other websites but he is producing postcards and calendars of Derbyshire which are sold at Quiltessential and other card retailers.

To contact Darren regarding architectural services
please visit his web site: www.mayner-architect.co.uk.
For further information about his photography
please visit: www.mayner-photography.co.uk.

Our Quilts

Darren's first serious attempt at making a quilt resulted from being press ganged into a group challenge instigated by our friend Magie Relph from the African Fabric Shop.

Along with Ann, Magie's husband Bob, Janice and David Gunner and several others, we were given a piece of African wax print fabric with a large clothes peg design and a title which was a pun of something familiar. Darren's title was '3 Little Pegs' and Ann's was 'Pegs Might Fly'.

Both Darren and Ann entered quilts at the 'All Pegged Out' group exhibition at the Quilts In The Garden Show at Uttoxeter last spring (see image below) and also, individually, in the contemporary quilts competition section at Festival of Quilts 2010.

Darren received 8/8 excellents from one of the judges marking his quilt at FoQ which is amazing for a first attempt! Ann's quilt didn't get quite as many excellents but is now featured in a new book by Magie Relph and Bob Irwin: African Wax Print - A Textile Journey


Pegs Might Fly Quilt


3 Little Pegs by Darren Mayner (above) and Pegs Might Fly by Ann Mayner (right) were both completed in spring 2010.




Right is Darren's entry for the Challenge category at the Uttoxeter Quilt Show 2011. Every entrant was given 75cm of the challenge fabric - the bright, multi-coloured fabric covered with guitars, banjos etc, which had to be used in the quilt, together with the theme: Rhythm & Blues.

Darren liked the fabric so decided to have a go. He created his design based on the double bass - an instrument he likes very much and one which forms the rhythm section of many traditional R & B bands. The geometric design of the quilt is derived from the shape of the bass. The triangular pieces were cut using templates and foundation pieced. The quilt was finished with appliqued embelishments and strings. This is Darren's third completed quilt and his second show entry. The rosette is 'Second' in category! Darren was very pleased to get a rosette and even more pleased when several people told him he should have won.


Logorhythmic Quilt by Ann and Darren Mayner

ge quilts

All Pegged Out group challenge quilts at Uttoxeter

3 little pegs image

rhythm & blues


The quilt to the left is called Logorhythmic because it is based on our logo design and has a rhythmic sense of movement as the small blocks meander around the large blocks. This quilt was designed by Darren and made by both Ann and Darren. It has foundation pieced blocks made with bright coloured, plain fabrics contrasting with a black background fabric. Darren did most of the cutting and a lot of the block making. The blocks were then quilted by Ann with contrasting thread and joined together, including the borders, using our quilt-as-you-go technique.

This quilt was entered in the 2 Person Quilt Category at Festival of Quilts 2012 and received a Highly Commended award. Ann and Darren are very proud of their success and this quilt, which is 2.45m long (8 feet) now hangs on their stair wall: the only wall in the house long enough for it.

Ann quilted the large borders with black thread and swore she will never quilt with black thread on black fabric ever again. It was impossible to do it in artificial light so she was having to get up early and quilt before going to work in order to get it finished in time for the show entry deadline.

A reduced size version of this design is available as a pattern exclusively from Quiltessential.



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